About Lisa

Lisa is a Mind & Body Transformation Coach, helping successful women who are feeling trapped and unfulfilled turn their lives around with transformations tailored to their specific hopes and dreams. She strongly believes in creating a system where her clients feel supported, but stretched to reach outside of their comfort zones.

She has experienced her own journey of struggle to one of independence, fulfillment and happiness. At one point, she was a single mom of two children trying to balance the demands of a family and a successful career. She found herself under severe stress, and realized she needed to make significant changes when her health started to deteriorate.

"Do not let anyone dim the fire in your soul. To shine bright is within your power.

- Lisa Wolfe

In her heart, she knew that if she was going to be there for her children, she needed to put her health and well-being first.  

Lisa developed an online mind and body transformation program using proven techniques that she applies to her daily life. The program helps her clients realize their full potential based on their individual goals. The key is to help her clients realize that their health is comprised of both physical and mental attributes. 

Her clients have all developed new behaviors that quiet the negative stories in their minds, and show them how to love who they see in the mirror. Lisa believes change will only occur when her clients minimize and eventually remove any feelings of self-doubt.

The step-by-step process Lisa teaches to her clients is used to transform their feelings of negativity, shame, guilt, and frustration about their minds and bodies to one of deep love and optimal performance.

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